Long Shadow Design


Long shadow design is a new trend in the design world and like many trends they come and they go.  In my opinion long shadow design is on it’s way out sooner than we think.

What is Long Shadow Design?

Long shadow design is the use of long shadows with 120 or 45-degree angle. The end of the shadow is feathered.  Right now it can only be used on flat icons and maybe some bold text.

It may seem like a new trend that will probably stick around with flat design, but it’s a design element that really shouldn’t be applied on every icon or even text.  Long shadow design is attempting to add some depth to flat design, approaching what is already established in Almost Flat Design.

Some icons that I’ve seen using long shadow design look great, while others not so much, reason why I don’t really FUX WIT IT.

Here are some examples of Long Shadow Design.