iOS 7 and the State of Design at Apple — An Introduction

Indeed, in the beginning after seeing WWDC, I was fully poised to write this blog post detailing how much I disliked what was shown for iOS 7. It was going to be a marvelous entry — full of examples, references to other designer’s tweets, full of expletives and worries about how this new land of Apple UI/UX design was certainly going to be the slow and painful death of detailed, beautifully designed mobile apps.

And well, at least in part, I still feel this way — just ask my coworkers. They’ve heard me complain enough and have seen me compose enough frustrated tweets. However, after thoroughly going through all of the design-centric developer videos from WWDC, playing around with iOS 7 for many days, collecting enough information about it to give a speech on the new design attributes to the company, and even mocking up a screen of one of our apps to adhere to the new style iOS 7 presents, I feel like I’m slowly growing more accustomed to it and not entirely hating it’s new look and feel. That could all just be a matter of accepting the inevitable and moving on though.

Anyway, I’d like to make this blog post the gateway for my future comparisons about areas of iOS 7 I think are handled well and areas that I believe aren’t handled too well, as well as what this means about future design trends for the platform. When I can, I’ll provide a detailed analysis of old and new and perhaps even provide my own mockup detailing my ideas.

Stay tuned.

-Matt Kofman


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